A New Approach To Evaluating ERP

New Approach To Evaluating

Selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a major undertaking for any organisation. With the advent of the internet and

Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way ERP can be architected and delivered. ERP-as-a-Service in the cloud means that customers can subscribe and use the solution without heavy capital expenditure. They can also free themselves from the burden of maintaining and upgrading hardware, infrastructure and software, as those tasks are all handled by the vendor.

Start with a Business Case: An effective approach is to first develop the business case for the ERP:

  1. Why do you want to do it?
  2. What do you want it to achieve?

An evaluation process that focuses on linking organizational outcomes to the selection criteria will ensure the best chance of success. We need a better model to evaluate ERP applications:

  • First, understand the benefits that are required.
  • Next, define the processes required to achieve these benefits, then workshop these processes with a researched shortlist of vendors.
  • Define the gaps and the amount of work needed to fill these, but only if they are material to achieving the benefits.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 accelerates the speed of doing business by empowering people to make smarter decisions, transform business processes faster and drive rapid growth.

  • Elevate financial performance
  • Run smarter operations
  • Automate and streamline supply chain
  • Deliver unmatched workforce productivity
  • Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform

A New Approach To Evaluating ERP

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