How Microsoft Cloud Benefits Nonprofit Organizations in the Industry?

How Microsoft Cloud Benefits Nonprofit Organizations in the Industry?

Microsoft Cloud Benefits Nonprofit Organizations in the Industry?

In October 2020, Microsoft introduced a new offering called Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, which was specifically tailored for the healthcare industry. Subsequently, in February 2021, Microsoft expanded on this concept and created industry-specific cloud solutions for the manufacturing, financial services, and non-profit sectors. These new cloud technologies offer unique capabilities, customizations, and standards that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each industry.

Microsoft Cloud for Non-Profit aims to break down the barriers between applications and data storage by providing a seamless and integrated experience. The platform is designed to be flexible and modular, allowing non-profit organizations to adopt new applications and capabilities at their own pace, and grow according to their digital strategy. This technology is designed to empower non-profit workers by providing them with the right data and tools to improve their efficiency.

The introduction of these new technologies is timely, as the demand for social services is at an all-time high, and the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt in the coming months and years. The non-profit sector has been significantly affected by the pandemic, and these new technologies are designed to help them adapt and thrive.

The industry cloud offerings are anchored to the Common Data Model (CDM), which can be found in any Microsoft 365 Power Platform environment. Organizations that use Dynamics 365 are already using the CDM, and more specifically, the Dataverse, which is Microsoft’s name for the database used by Dynamics 365, and it utilizes the principles of the CDM.

The CDM is a shared data language or schema that allows businesses to store data in a consistent state while still sharing, accessing, and editing it across various applications, services, and processes. leveraging the same database across different processes, applications, and services, the complexities and costs associated with integrating with disparate data sources are reduced.

Microsoft Cloud Benefits Nonprofit Organizations in the Industry? Non-profit organizations can use pre-configured tables to accelerate their progress, rather than having to develop their own data schemas. The Cloud for Non-Profit is built on industry-leading security and compliance, providing non-profit organizations with the assurance that they are deploying solutions that are built on the same foundational strengths as Microsoft Cloud, and can draw on the same underlying controls and protections.